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Peace of Mind with a Place to Turn


defend-id exists to provide “peace of mind and a place to turn” for individuals & families of small to mid-sized companies with identity theft protection services.

We did it our way:

It is often the case in relatively new and emerging markets that pioneering providers go after the big game to recoup development costs as quickly as possible. This has certainly been the case in the Identity-Theft Protection marketplace. As the marketplace evolves there emerge unserved sectors which are being ignored by major providers.

The largest unserved or under-served market for ID-Theft Protection is the Small Business, the Main Street-USA Mom & Pop shops who in aggregate provide some 80% of the jobs in the American economy, and when the big guys go after the big guys, systems and processes are necessarily cumbersome, legalistic and bureaucratic, so when they try to employ those approaches to small businesses, they are rejected as too convoluted and time-consuming. The square peg doesn't fit.

defend-id has fixed all that. Our products and processes are designed specifically to be the round peg which caters directly to the needs of smaller employers. You can sign up today and be protected today.

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"Peace of Mind with a Place to Turn"

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