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If you are new to group ID Theft Protection, or a seasoned Veteran; let defend-id provide you with the easiest & fastest way to enroll ALL your groups with this valuable and affordable benefit.

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Built for Small Businesses.
You can now offer protection to businesses of 3 or more employees.

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defend-id offers the first and only fully digital enrollment process.
Protection in minutes.

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Top Tier cost-conscious products with the best recovery team in the market.

Questions & Answers about…

  • defend-id makes it easy for agencies to become a reseller and has a very simple enrollment process. Where other providers can be more expensive and won't work with groups under 500 employees, defend-id has an affordable price and groups as small as two employees can be enrolled, making it accessible to everyone.
  • defend-id also provides flexibility:
    • Subscribers can choose between Gold and Platinum options that provide financial benefits as high as $1M backed by AIG, and monitoring and recovery services that our clients love working with which are provided through Merchants Information Solutions (MIS).
    • For groups, businesses can choose to provide it for their employees as a Blanket & Embedded benefit or make it Voluntary and let the employees decide which options they would like.

  • We've made it very easy, just click on "Get Started" to begin the process.
  • You'll be asked to accept a reseller agreement to become a partner and receive commission. There is no cost or fees as a partner, and no minimum requirements for how many subscribers you need to maintain.
  • We've created a very simple onboarding process that will help you learn more about defend-id, our offerings, resources to get you started, and we'll help you with a go-to-market plan to help you find quick and easy success.

  • Once you start the onboarding process, we'll set you up with a website portal for your agency.
  • We will also introduce you to our Partner Portal where you can access marketing materials and other resources to help you along your way.
  • Within your site, you will have a back office to the site where you can enroll and manage clients, or find information about your book of business.

  • Yes, your discount comes from the 20-25% commission you would typically receive. The exact amount just depends on whether it's offered to your staff as Voluntary or provided to them as Blanket & Embedded.

  • We work with you to complete the onboarding process which includes setting up your agency portal/website, orienting you to the defend-id service and offerings, showing you marketing material you can use, and helping you with an initial go-to-market strategy to ensure quick success.

  • Absolutely! There is 20% commission on Voluntary and Retail (individual) sales, and 25% on groups that buy the Blanket & Embedded option. Commission is paid monthly as the subscription is paid by the end subscriber.
  • Based on our current figures, our average group size is 65 employees with an average rate of about $5.00 per person per month. Putting the average value of a group at about $75 in commission per month, or $900 annually per account. Variables in these averages depend on group size, which determines the rate, and structure – since commission may be 20% or 25% depending on the options that group is sold.

  • No! There is no cost or fee to become a defend-id reseller. Even the onboarding and ongoing support from our team is offered at no cost.

  • No! You can sell as little or as much as you want. Groups can be as small as 2 employees, and there are options for individuals and families when groups aren't an option.

  • This is where you can get creative to give yourself an edge in the hard market today. Many of our agencies offer this as a complimentary service to their benefits offerings, commercial offerings, or to personal lines customers.
  • As a benefit, many of our resellers have found it as easy as asking "do you want fries with that?" and they offer to include it with other benefits packages they are creating. If the business decides not to offer it, they easily fall back on the Voluntary option and suggest that this be kept in to let the employee decide if they want it – while the business is at least able to get it in front of them at a lower rate than the Retail option.
  • Use this for an edge with Cyber Liability as well. When discussing cyber risk with your clients, you can explain the importance of getting employees to think about safe cyber practices at home, which has been shown to improve their cyber practices in the office. When companies invest in their employees' and their families to be secure at home, they can ask the employees to reciprocate that investment by taking cybersecurity in the office seriously. Plus, with today's types of attacks, employees can be targeted as avenues for a threat actor to get access to the company they work for, not to mention the negative impacts ID theft and fraud can have on the employee that will carry into the workplace as they work to recover and manage through the stress of a personal attack.

  • Gold includes a financial benefit of up to $25,000 and monitoring through TransUnion. Platinum increases the benefit to $1,000,000 and includes monitoring with all 3 credit bureaus.

  • TransUnion still picks up activity with other bureaus, but the best way to make sure quick action can be taken is to opt for the Platinum offering and have all 3.

  • We're not exclusive, you can still sell defend-id for your smaller groups or others if you prefer. Many of our agencies find they prefer our easy enrollment process, pricing, and support.

  • Based on our current figures, our average group size is 65 employees with an average rate of about $5.00 per person per month. Putting the average value of a group at about $75 in commission per month, or $900 annually per account. Variables in these averages depend on group size, which determines the rate, and structure – since commission may be 20% or 25% depending on the options that group is sold.

  • 11 years

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Partner Testimonials

I have been privileged to work with Brian Thompson and the team at Defend-ID. Our team is very critical of any service we bring to our network, and Defend-ID has impressed us as a true partner. We are never hesitant to bring Defend-ID to our partners/clients as a valuable resource who will be responsive, flexible, and creative to meet the client's needs. They have enabled our team to grow and expand our footprint as our business grows. I give Defend-ID my highest recommendation to any organization considering working with them. You are in the best of hands!

Mark Walker

Vice President, Business Development | Merchants Information Solutions, Inc.

It has been terrific to work with Brian at Defend-ID over the past few years. For us, Brian has redefined the dynamic relationships that exist between partners. He has a unique ability to rapidly comprehend and develop a strategic path of mutual success. In addition, his candid, collaborative and professional approach makes working with him a pleasure. He has the rare combination of creative, analytical and strategic. He has impacted our bottom line and he has made us better. I am certain Brian is a great asset to any project team and or company. He has a work hard mentality and possesses an infectious positive attitude.

Jennifer Praeger

VP, Business Development & Partnerships | Private Communications Corp. / PRIVATE WiFi

From my very first contact with Defend ID to the introduction of their products into our employee benefits program, the team at Defend ID provided outstanding service. Their ability to customize their product to our unique business needs, as well as their consistent communication, enrollment, and marketing resources, made implementation a breeze. I would recommend Defend ID to any organization wishing to enhance their employee benefits program.

Robert LaChance

Director, Insurance Products | CBIA

We partnered with defend-id in 2018. They have become an integral strategic partner to us over the years. Their sophisticated enrollment platform, the in-depth market knowledge they possess, and their attention to detail and customer service are amazing. Brian is always professional and helpful - they are truly a first-class company!

Tami Reid

Director of Client Implementations | Merchants Information Solutions, Inc.

Support You Can Rely On

Build your business how you want, at your speed, using our advanced portal technology. Have enrollment questions or need help trouble-shooting a deal? Get help quickly from our dedicated team of experts.

  • Co-branded enrollment portal
    • groups can even enroll themselves
  • Partner Toolbox
    • Marketing materials
    • Agent resources
  • 10-minute easy enrollment
  • Simplified Proposal Process
  • No Production Minimums Ever
  • Groups sizes from 3 to over 100k
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Based on a 2021 survey, 78% of employers are expected to offer identity protection to their employees. Working with defend-id offers you the fastest and easiest way to help your clients looking for coverage.

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