defend-id stands alone in a crowd. Your dedicated Recovery Advocate holds your hand through the entire Fully Managed Recovery process following an incident. "Peace of Mind with a Place to Turn"

Even with sophisticated monitoring and protections, you may still find yourself a victim of Identity Theft.

If that happens our #1 Priority is Resolving Your Identity Theft Event

Feel secure knowing that included in every available solution, you are covered by our best-in-class Fully-Managed Recovery.

Many providers of identity theft solutions do not offer the type of recovery you deserve!

  • Assisted Recovery provides you with generic advice and a packet of forms for you to do the majority of the work.
  • Limited Recovery covers only a single credit card or bank account event.
  • Semi-Managed Recovery includes abbreviated services, such as just three-way calling on your behalf.

Fully-Managed Recovery provides you with peace of mind knowing that if you ever fall victim to identity Theft, you will have access to a dedicated certified recovery advocate who will work on your behalf to perform all of the tasks necessary to restore your identity.

You will be assigned a personal Recovery Advocate once you have become a victim. Your dedicated Recovery Advocate will work with you to create a personalized recovery plan. Then, working on your behalf, your Recovery Advocate will file paperwork, make phone calls, perform research, contact credit lenders, collection agencies and government agencies until your identity has been restored.

24 X 7 online access to up-to-date case notes and any documents relating to recovering your identity via the Identity Care Center. Your case will remain open until you and your Recovery Advocate agree that your identity has been restored to pre-event status.

If your plan provides family coverage, this comprehensive fully managed recovery solution is also for your entire family! The most comprehensive fully managed recovery solution available today covers three generations. Eligible family members include your spouse or domestic partner, dependents through the age of 24 with the same address, and your parents with the same permanent address or registered in a senior assisted living facility, skilled nursing home, hospice, or recently deceased.


"It was a pleasure to work with your company in a very upsetting issue. My wife had the same issue in the past and had to resolve it herself. The service made that process so easy and took a quarter of the time to obtain the end result. Thank you for your professional assistance."
- Scott W.

"My Recovery Advocate did a great job. Very friendly and reassuring, plus she ensured I understood what was being done to resolve my situation."
- Trish E.

"First and foremost I would like to say that since my information was compromised, your team has been the MOST knowledgeable of ALL the people I have spoken to. She has always been there providing the answers and assurances I need to feel that level of certainty. Thank you for everything."
- Gene H.

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