Data-Breach Readiness & Response is available as a stand-alone plan.

It may also be bundled with your Employer-Paid Identity Theft Protection Plan.

For Business

We give small businesses peace of mind. With pre-planning tools to help small businesses proactively enhance their security measures and custom response plans including dedicated business recovery advocates to help businesses overcome a data breach, businesses owners can focus on what’s most important, running their business.

  • Over 10 million businesses and consumers under coverage
  • Proactive tools to help businesses enhance their cyber preparedness
  • Breach response solution designed to mitigage damages
  • 100% success rate in restoring ID Theft victims
  • Industry's premier ID Theft Recovery Advocates


Whether you're looking for data protection for your business or your clients, our trusted solutions provide a wealth of benefits.

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Security is priceless. But, our pre and post-breach services are both accessible and affordable.

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Versatile solutions with adaptive features. We offer full brand customization and pain-free integration.

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The Gold Standard. We're founded on more than a century of service and backed by industry experts.

The stats are compelling . . .

It's not a Matter of "IF",
but "WHEN"

Small businesses often make the mistake of thinking they’re too small to be a target, but reality tells a different story. 70% of cyber attacks target small businesses.

Additionally, internal employees are often the culprit of information leaks, both malicious and accidental. The results can be devastating.

Data breaches can cost your company millions of dollars in loss, plus a priceless loss in credibility. In fact, 2 out of 3 small to medium-sized businesses face financial ruin as a result of an incident, and many are forced to close their doors forever.

It’s better to be educated, prepared and ready with an action plan than to be caught off guard—and that’s where defend-id for Business comes in.

Data Breach Response Solution for Small & Medium-sized Businesses

The odds of a small business data breach are overwhelming—and that’s why you need to be prepared for the worst.

defend-id for Business puts comprehensive data breach response planning and recovery tools within your reach, with a cost-effective suite of cyber security resources created expressly around the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

You’ll gain access to a wealth of pre and post-breach materials, including: Educational tools to help you safeguard your sensitive customer and employee information and mitigate the risk for breaches Templates you can use to create a response plan, timeline and notification letters, all designed to comply with state and federal regulations End-to-end identity theft recovery services for affected consumers

Act Against Data Breach Threats

Protect your business and your customers with defend-id for Business’ affordable pre and post-breach resources.

Talk to our experts today about getting started on the path to preparedness.


Breach Stand Alone

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Pre-Breach Services & Planning Tools

  • Risk Assessment
  • Template Breach-Policy & Response Plan
  • Quarterly Live Training
  • Cyber-Threat Alerts
  • 24/7 Customer Support Center
  • Cyber-Security Newsletter

Post-Breach Response Services

  • State & Federal Compliance Assessment
  • Creation of Response Plan & Timeline

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